Monday, 6 August 2007

Windsor Utilities Raises Water Rates - Windsor, Ontario

Let me be sure I understand the concept. We are supposed to protest higher prices by buying more, according to the Mayor of Monmouth who suggests that simultaneously and needlessly flushing our toilets will really send a strong message to the WUC. It will. We’re stupid.

From the Windsor Star:
Windsor residents fuming over a 60 per cent water and sewer rate increase are being encouraged to protest the fee hike by flushing their toilets in solidarity.
The quirky idea hit the blogosphere Tuesday night when Peter Angermann, a local businessman and Walkerville homeowner, came up with what quickly became a "flush to vote" campaign.
On his blog, titled The Mayor of Monmouth, Angermann suggested people who are "mad as heck" about the new Windsor Utilities Commission rates, which came into effect Wednesday, flush their toilet three times during a specific time period in an attempt to overwhelm the city's sewer system.

Just how much is clean water and a functioning sanitary system worth anyway?

Jeremy Tyrrell, Windsor