Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Burger Quest is Over

As humbly as I can possibly say this, for a man who claimed to be on the quest for the "World's Best Burger" without ever qualifying by adding "in my opinion", the Quest is over. In defense of my apparent arrogance in the matter, since it is my blog then it must be my opinion, or in the case of posting other articles, an opinion with which I agree.

The search is over for three reasons:

1. My doctor says my cholesterol is high, a diagnosis I take very personally since this is totally in my control. By the way, when I told him I wanted a second opinion, he said "you're ugly too". (Thank you Groucho). Dr. Bill suggests I eat less fat from meat, and more fresh fruits and vegetables. As reluctant as I am to correlate my quest for the best burger with my elevated cholesterol, it would be imprudent to at least not consider the possibility.
2. There's a new quest - the Quest to somehow eat the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables while on the road. Based on my recent trip to Ottawa I'm going to say this is no easy task, particularly in the winter. Combined with the socially responsible trend towards eating a 100-mile diet, it is downright impossible. I call this the "bringin' back scurvy" tour.
3. Friendships have suffered over this, and I have discovered that people take recommendations, given and received, personally. It's possible the Hatfields and McCoys started out arguing about ground beef. My search for burger heaven has occasionally left me in burgatory.
4. Besides, I found it (the best burger that is). In 'n Out in Nevada, California and Arizona is the fast food winner. It's a time machine trip back to the future, complete with paper hats and pre-microwave, no-freezers and no-heat lamps quality and friendliness. 1948 has arrived and found a home.
The best gourmet burger I found is right here in Windsor at Motor Burger on Erie Street. It's tasty, well presented and creatively different. If only the service matched the quality of the food, but that's a hangover from the old NOI restaurant that used to be in this place. "We'll get there when we get there and you'll sit there till we get there" is the unfortunate feeling whenever I go there, and while the food is always worth waiting for, the "we're busy serving the in-crowd" attitude isn't.
Remember my trendy friends, even on Queen Street a clean cut stranger feels at home.