Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sales Fail x 2

I'm currently working with a real estate agent.  OK, here's the truth.  I'm working with two different real estate agents.  I'm not trying to play one against the other, but I am trying to decide which one really understands my needs, knows her stuff, knows the market, and is willing to sell me what I need (which may not necessarily be the same as what I think I want).

It's hard to decide. 
  • Should I go with the one who plugged in my stats into a database after I wandered into her open house and now I get an email every time there's a listing that matches my criteria? 
  • Or should I go with the one the bank recommended who did the exact same thing and sends me the exact same emails?
Should I go with the one I've actually met?  Or the one who might meet me next Tuesday but that's not really a good day for her because she doesn't like to work on Tuesdays?

Here's what I thought would happen:
  • Agent would arrange a meeting with me, perhaps over coffee.  I'd gladly pay.
  • Agent would learn about me - my personal situation, my work situation, my family life, where I see myself in a few years, kids at home, how long to retirement, work hours, etc.
  • Agent would learn my budget
  • Agent would ask a whole lot of questions and learn what's important to me in a home
  • Agent would suggest a few places, we'd go look at them,
  • The Agent would negotiate on my behalf, fill me in on stuff I don't know, be the expert, etc.
You know, like on TV.  I never thought it would be over in 30 minutes, but it's been a month and I still have never met one of the agents and had only one evening of viewing from the other.  I bet if you asked either how business is, and they'd tell you nobody's buying. 

It seems to me that nobody's selling.