Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Advice from a More Experienced Blogger Than I

Warren Kinsella wrote a nice piece on how to deal with on-line trolls.  This is a person who says negative things anonymously - generally just stirring things up.  I was accused of being a troll once, which helped me to be a little more careful about any comments I make on-line, and to whom.  (I wasn't technically a troll since I identified myself but the clever blogger turned my last name "Tyrrell" into "Troll."  She's so smart.)

I've been the victim of trolls in the past, but for the most part what I write is so inconsequential you'd have to be a really bored troll to notice.  Cowardly and anonymous?  Yes.  But undeniably bored if you're reading this drivel.

Here's Kinella's piece.  I completely object to the term "human garbage" in the body of his essay, but I suspect he doesn't care what I think.  http://goo.gl/FgrAuP