Saturday, 8 September 2007

In support of the Separate School System in Ontario

Modern Catholic education does not deny the existence of science, although Public education in Essex County clearly denies the existence of God, according to Trustee Julia Burgess. This is why many followers of monotheistic religions choose Separate schools for the education and formation of our children. I am, however, concerned that the leadership of an "open-minded" and inclusive school system regards Christianity with hostility and contempt. Whatever our differing viewpoints on the Provincial funding model, I pray that the Trustee will reconsider her ideological abhorrence of faith based learning, which goes far beyond the folklore and ethnic tradition that Burgess disdainfully and inaccurately identifies with the Catholicism.

Jeremy Tyrrell, Windsor Ontario

In response to the letter from Trustee Julia Burgess, published in the Windsor Star:

Secular school system best for everyone
LetterPublished: Saturday, September 08, 2007
As a school board trustee, my colleagues and I allocate taxpayers' hard earned monies to implement sound educational policies. Our goal is to allot resources where there is data and evidence of its worth in providing continuous improvement in student achievement. I therefore find it ludicrous for John Tory to suggest that public funding should be extended to faith-based schools that foster the teaching of creationism with any credibility outside of folklore and ethnic tradition. The Ontario science curriculum supports the teaching of evolution as the overwhelming global scientific community agrees it is fact. This is mirrored by the equally large majority of Ontarians of all faiths and beliefs who accept the data and evidence as proof of it. If Mr. Tory -- or any other politician - wants to address the "fairness" issue of the UN citing Canada, and Ontario in particular, to be in violation of publicly funding religious education of one denomination (RC) to the exclusion of all others, perhaps he should have looked at the other acceptable solution the UN gave -- and the one that a recent poll says Ontarians most support -- one secular publicly funded education system in both official languages where all kids from all neighbourhoods live, learn and play together without any specific religious indoctrination.
Course content in social sciences, world religion and history will present explanations that society has offered through the ages concerning our genesis as a species. Our parents and families do a fine job of teaching our kids whether they believe it was the Great Raven, the Big Bang or a heavenly creator who eventually put the first human genes together. Mr. Tory's solution will only seclude the like-minded and deny valuable resources to the open minded.

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