Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The 5 Coolest Things about Windsor, Ontario

1. We're a microcosm of the Canadian experience. We can literally see how close Canada really is to the United States, we have a strong manufacturing base and a growing white collar base, we are agricultural and we are tourism and conventions. Fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm on which they are grown are no more than 30 minutes away for most Windsor residents. We are, however, a little light on snow and frostbite.

2. You can see next year's car models being driven around Windsor and Detroit. They're the head turning cars that have no name badges that make you wonder "what the hell is that?" Yesterday I saw a Volkswagon convertible sedan, might be a Passat. VERY cool!

3. We're fully bilingual. We speak American and Canadian. We drive in km/hour, purchase our gas in litres (when we're not across the border paying much less per gallon at the duty-free) and we measure the outside temperature in Farenheit degrees.

4. Good people do good work for their neighbours everyday in Windsor. Oh sure, we've got our share of movers and shakers (who are more often than not really just bobbers and weavers in cheap suits) but amongst the hoi polloi some very generous and caring people live.

5. We have at least one member in each level of government who really gets it. Brian Masse MP, Sandra Pupatello MPP and Bill Marra Councillor Ward 4 are straight shooters who are leaders among their peers. Good people.

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