Saturday, 19 June 2010

Meet the Old Guy

Well, it's official. I'm becoming an old man.

I just spent half an hour sorting light bulbs, seeing which ones work and which I have been saving to dispose of properly. Having separated the two, I then separated the working bulbs into types. Then I realized I had better call my oldest son and tell him to stop buying energy saving light bulbs as we have enough for his entire house, after years of buying them whenever I strolled through Canadian Tire and found them on sale, "just in case".

I then found every power bar and extension cord I had ever bought on sale and made a mental note to call my son and tell him not to buy an extension cord or power bar unless he checked with me first because I probably have just the right size and length, no matter what he needs. They are neatly stored and categorized.

Finally, I found my very first energy saving light bulb that I bought at Canadian Tire back in the early 90's, one of three that cost me $17 each. I couldn't afford to buy all three at once, so I bought them over the course of year. These original energy saving massive bulbs would take about half an hour to warm up and I thought that putting it in the bathroom, the most used room in the house, made sense. Of course, before it got bright enough so that I could actually find the toilet I'd already pissed all over the floor and was back in bed. Now my energy saving bulb lights up immediately.

I still piss all over the floor and I end up lying sleeplessly wondering why I keep getting up at 2 in the morning even though I've stopped drinking liquids at about noon.

And instead of recycling thie still functional light bulb or screwing it into a socket somewhere, I took this thing that weighs about a pound and put it neatly away, saving it like the museum piece that it is. One of my lucky children will get it when I die. I'll let them argue about who gets stuck with it.

Yup - I've turned into an old man. But I still start my day with consecutively pumping out one pushup for every year I've been puttering around the planet, at least I think I can. I've been losing count lately.


  1. Too funny, thanks for the laugh. Welcome to the Old Guy Club ;-)

  2.'re starting to be a little like Dad! Congratulations on becoming an 'old guy', cuz old guys are a font of knowledge (and light bulbs!)

    BTW, Happy Father's Day to one of the best dads I know, and remembering and missing our dad on this day.

    Love ya lots, miss you too!