Friday, 7 January 2011

Today's lesson is actually about Obedience

In her column "Today's Lesson: Bow to Authority" Windsor Star columnist Anne Jarvis compares the disobedience of some silly white girls to the courageous action of Rosa Parks who, when she herself was still a young lady, risked her life to put an end to state sanctioned racism and oppression. Black people were being lynched simply because of the colour of their skin in Rosa Park's time. Ms. Jarvis does great disservice to the Civil Rights movement and to our own area's history by comparing teenage rebellion to the fight for the dignity of all people, regardless of skin colour.

I remind the columnist that this is the same school that took strong disciplinary action with disobedient students in the hockey program just last year. If these children don't learn about consequence in school, then they will learn about it in the workforce where obstinate disobedience is not celebrated and can lead to loss of employment.

You go girls, indeed, go right back to class, lesson learned.

A brief call to the school principal might have clarified the issue for the columnist. Read Ms. Jarvis' poorly considered opinion here:

Today's lesson: Bow to authority

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