Thursday, 24 March 2011

Why Does God Hate Toyota?

He doesn't.  For starters, let's get that out of the way.  People of faith can agree, without pretending to know the mind of God, that He doesn't hate Toyota or Japan, or any other country or company, any group of people, faith, association or individual.  How do we know?  Because He tells us so.

Japan has suffered through an earthquake, a tsunami, the rising risk of nuclear meltdown, and now an economy on the edge of ruin.  Just last year Toyota's sales crawled to a halt as the company operated under the cloud of suspicion; had they deliberately mislead or dodged dangerous mechanical situations?  And now production of Toyota automobiles around the world is threatened by a lack of parts from a crippled Japanese economy.  People of faith pray for the people of Japan at this time.

God doesn't exact revenge in this manner, or at all, nor is there any reason to suspect one country or company would be singled out in this way.  We, humankind, has been given the gift of free will.  We can build on fault lines, we can build nuclear plants on fault lines if we want.  We can settle below sea level in Louisiana and the Netherlands, if we are inclined.  The ruling class can clear cut trees from the mountain sides of Haiti so that when earthquakes rock and rains fall, there will be nothing to hold back the mud to wipe out the shanty towns of poor Haitians.  We can blame God if we want to, or ask ourselves how a just God could let this happen.

God is love.  God gives us the means to help each other.  God gives us enough food that no one should go hungry, God gives us the wherewithal to build safely at great expense, or not at all.  In spite of all this, God gives us a planet that sometimes behaves in a way that can harm us, and as we know from scripture, God makes the sun shine and the rain fall on all of us, equally.  Sometimes, even when we get it right, nature exacts a terrible toll on the innocent and unsuspecting.

There is no deserving, or not deserving any of it based on our works of good or evil, or on our faith or lack of faith.  And there, because of the grace of God, go all of us.

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  1. All the terrible things that are happening around us are the result of o our own actions, o our own decisions. We abuse nature so now is the time for nature to hit back on us. I hope and pray for the Japanese people. This nightmare will come to an end.