Thursday, 13 December 2012

Strategic Discomfort

There will be times in our careers when we are confronted with situations we'd rather not face.  Sometimes it's because we're in over our heads, other times we're blindsided, still others it's a train wreck in progress and we don't even realise it until it's too late.
  • The incredibly bad boss who seems bent on making the lives of every living being miserable by his very presence
  • The corporate sociopath who operates according to her own agenda, bringing down bosses and peers in her single minded ruthlessness
  • The sales presentation gone awry because a customer takes Kevin O'Leary style rudeness as his aspirational modus operandi
  • And whatever is occupying your head as a result of the actions of others...
One way to survive is to treat such hardship as a learning experience.  I am suggesting that it be embraced in a "gonna put this on my resume" type challenge.  Research it, read about it, practise it, consult with others and develop a strategy that goes beyond coping or surviving, to thriving.  Develop strategy by reading articles like this one about bully bosses: 12 Smart Ways to Deal When Your Boss is a Bully

It's one way of making the best of a bad situation, of turning other people's shortfalls into our own professional gain.  It's a great way to take back control.

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