Friday, 24 April 2015

Good Vibrations Gone Bad

My thanks to the many people who have, completely unsolicited, shared endless anecdotes of lives saved and odds beaten by the use of alternative medicines and practices. Most of these are unproven, some disproven, but hey...don't let that stop you. If I were to stroll the hallways at work professing my faith as shamelessly as these folks shill false hope I am quite sure our HR folks would have some thoughts to share on the matter.  "Cease and desist" comes to mind.  

Just to be clear, my family doesn't deal in false hopes. I have seen enough of it in my ministry of palliative care that I wouldn't wish its destructive power on anyone.  It has no place amongst people of faith. It has no place in this house.

There's always a heaping helping of pseudo-spirituality to accompany the good vibrations and seaweed shakes.  For all these well-meaning but misguided folks, and especially who claim to be marshalling the forces of the macrocosm on my behalf, I hate to drop names but...

My Father is kind of in charge of the universe. 

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