Thursday, 27 August 2015

You Can Get Bad Service Locally, Too

I was looking at the flyer for a well-known, popular local furniture store (which shall go unnamed) and thinking about all the money we've saved there.  Or more to the point, the money we haven't spent there.  But don't think we haven't tried. 

A Couch, A Washer and Dryer...
That time we couldn't get anyone to talk to us when we were looking for a couch?  Mucho $$$ saved or more accurately, NOT SPENT, when we walked out after being ignored for over 20 minutes. Or how about the time we were looking at washers and dryers? $$ saved that day (but spent a few days later at a national department store with actual sales people and actual service.)  

Oh sure we've spent more money elsewhere, but that feeling of not being invisible is priceless.

Businesses are not charities and should not rely on playing the "local" card as they dole out substandard, bad service.  We are not obligated to cut them a break. People say we should support local businesses instead of shopping at multi-nationals.  Maybe... but only when we get exceptional quality and service. 

Otherwise we're not shopping. We're enabling.

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