Friday, 17 June 2011

The Real Cost of Watering my Lawn

Early this spring I purchased a rain barrel and hose attachment for about $100.00. This is the real cost of infrastructure to deliver water to my humble garden, (I don't water the grass) and no matter how much I use or don’t use that cost remains the same.

Some people on the municipal system think they should be charged for usage, and that there shouldn't be an infrastructure component on the monthly water bill.  OK, let's put a meter on my spigot and charge me for the water I drain out of my barrel every time I water the flowers.  I think we’ll discover that the water itself is actually the least expensive consideration.

I have a friend who was complaining that his municipality has implemented a watering ban and that even if he does buy a rain barrel, it won't be enough to keep his lawn green.  He'd need several.  Yes!  By George, I think he's got it!

But let's be real.  Whatever I'm saving in not watering the lawn and garden from a hose, I'm blowing in thawing out food for the barbecue under cold running water because I just can't be bothered to think two days ahead.

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