Monday, 20 June 2011

The Real Undercover Boss

One of my favourite TV shows is "Undercover Boss".  Each week a different company is featured, with a CEO coming down from on high, from the corner office, the Executive suite, the Ivory Tower - by whatever name you call it, he comes down to associate with the common folk in the sewers, roadways, fields and warehouses of their business.  And yes, more often than not, the boss is a he but there is hope for the future.

It seems the best way these men can disguise themselves to prevent from being recognized, and to best fit in with their employees, is to stop shaving and bathing and to move into a flea-bitten motel.  I guess if that's the standard they've set in the workplace...when in Rome and all that.

The comparisons to our own Undercover Boss are not that big a jump, although it's tough to pretend that Jesus was exactly undercover.  He gave ample warning that he was coming.  It is said that Jesus is mentioned in every book of the Bible.  Still he wasn't recognized, perhaps because he came as the humble king, born into poverty.

And if today we fail to recognize him, it's our own fault.  He warned us - whenever we fail to recognize the poor, the hungry, the homeless and the lonely among us, we have failed to recognize him in our midst.  And, like at the end of every Undercover Boss episode when the employees are faced with the evidence of their own words and behaviour, we too will have our own personal "come to Jesus" moment.

But here's the good news.  He didn't come to judge, just to show us the way.

And in doing so, he taught us to pray using the two most profound words ever uttered by a human being, (and make no mistake, he was fully human as well as fully divine).

What are the two words that have changed the world, and have the potential to change our lives?

"Our Father..."

More to come...

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