Monday, 18 July 2011

Play Full Out
I've got no time for people who don't play full out.  I've got no time for people who don't give it their all.  Whether it's the morning paper delivery, or the drive-thru attendant, or a famous entertainer; I'm a big fan of anyone who respects their audience, their sport, their vocation or chosen career and their employer.

I've worked with people who deliberately give less than their best, even in their lame excuses.  "I'm hung over, I'm tired, I guess I'm under a lot of pressure..." well boo-flipping-hoo!  I heard once of  a hung over cook who was asked at what percentage she thought she might be operating, the morning after a bender.  "Sixty per cent," she replied with a moan.  "Great, that's what I'll pay you," said her boss.  "Sixty per cent of your hourly wage."  She perked up and if she ever came to work hung over again, no one knows and no one cares.

I knew a manager who used to ask us, "If you paid $100 for a ticket to see a performer and they just 'phoned it in' (gave a mediocre performance), would you feel ripped off?"  Naturally, any of us would.  "Well," he'd say, "Those people pay good money for a meal at this restaurant.   Give 'em what they came for!  Every time!"

Play full out.  "Verso l'alto", my friends, in all that you do.  Head toward the top.

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  1. I had a similar discussion about this with a manager, who wondered why I was so freaked out over what we call a"pushback" from our quality audits. "Because my name goes on it" was my answer. He looked at me and shook his head and said, "but it doesn't count for anything". I looked right at him and slowly said...MY.NAME.IS.ON.IT.
    Maybe it is because he is a decade younger than I, but he just did not seem to understand the take pride in what you are doing, and do it the BEST you can, since your name is going to be associated with it.