Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pedal to the Metal

I have often wondered if, in the course of an intense sales challenge, there is something to be said for just backing off and riding the wave for awhile, if only to catch your breath.  Even if you have achieved your sales goals, I can think of three acceptable times to slack off and forget all about work, and their exception.
  1. It's your day off
    1. Exception:  you have a hard and fast rule about working on days off, which includes but is not limited to not working after 5, in which case you may need to rethink your sales career
  2. It's your vacation
    1. Exception:  you have knowingly left a mess for others to handle while you're away, in which case you really need to get your act together
  3. You're dead
    1. Exception:  They revive you, in which case we'll be needing you back at your desk on Monday.  We miss you.

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