Wednesday, 22 January 2014


"Unfriend"  What a nasty word to describe the process of releasing one's on-line Facebook contacts from the burden of seeing another status update about your baby, puppy or hip replacement.

Disconnecting from the social media connection doesn't necessarily mean a friendship has ended, although I suppose it could.  Here are some other reasons one might "unfriend"
  • You're a one-trick pony.  The only thing you ever post about is your cause, whether it be environmental, your sexual-orientation, politics, unions or all of the above if you're a member of the NDP.
    • Unless your one trick is sports.  Then it's kind of cool.
  • Your bring us down.  You're negative and judgmental.  You're soooo hard done, by everyone you come in contact with:
    •  your mailman, 
    • the lady in front of you at the supermarket, 
    • your waiter/front desk attendant/housekeeper/anyone making minimum wage, 
    • the guy texting in the car beside yours (while you update your status).
  • We wouldn't recognize each other in public - either literally since we only see each other on Facebook, or figuratively if one of us doesn't want anything to do with the other in real life.  If we can't be friends in real life, I'm not sure how we can call each other friends on the world wide interweb. 
That's why I don't get all bent if I notice I've been unfriended.  I hope I'm not guilty of any of the above, but perhaps, in someone's eyes, I am.

It's cool.  I'm still good for a coffee, in person.

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