Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dad Brags

My son will have written his last exam at university by the time you read this.  He's the youngest of our three who all attended university.  He may well go on for even higher education, his choice, and I am confident of his and all of my kids' success in their careers and in life.

Here's why I'm bragging.

  • All three of our children chose programs they really wanted and stayed at home while they studied.  That can't have been easy as normal household life did go on, although we did try to accommodate around crunch times, exams, etc.
  • Our kids paid for their own education  (they had part-time jobs through high-school and university and saved their money)
  • They all finished university debt free without having taken loans for tuition
  • They're pretty darned normal - not bookworms or lifeless study hounds.  They had active social lives.
Their mom and I are average folks in an average income bracket - so not a lot of help there.  I attribute their success to a few factors, as well as to their own drive.
  • A stay-at-home mom for most of their lives, who was relentless in her support of their education
  • My kids like and support each other
  • An outstanding Catholic education system that provided a solid moral compass
  • Mass together as a family, weekly (with occasional exceptions for work, travel or frankly, let's admit it, post-Saturday night blues)

Claire and I are kind of proud of them.

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