Friday, 10 September 2010

Test Drive - the Lincoln MKS

Last week I traveled to Ottawa and took a few friends golfing at an annual tournament for charity. I golf so badly that the only way I can get through the game is to pick and choose those who will either golf as badly, or politely tolerate my incompetence. I was fortunate to find three such friends, who also accepted my offer of a ride to Montebello in my rented Lincoln MKS. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful course, and we arrived in style in a beautiful car.

The Lincoln MKS is a luxurious sedan that is thoughtfully appointed. The ride is smooth, the handling superior, and the whole look of the machine is impressive.

Good? The handling, the pick up, the smooth ride, and the tightness you'd expect in a vehicle of that calibre. It had great trunk room, and lots of room for back seat passengers. I loved the automatic seat settings and the way-cool interior lighting. It's a fine automobile.

Great? I really loved the safety features like the air conditioned / heated seats, the front and rear warning when you get too close to another object or person, the automatic high beams and I think there were rain-sensing wipers, but I might be confusing the car with son's entry level Saturn.

Room for Growth? It's a small thing, but I'm always astounded when I don't find a handle inside the trunk to close it. Saab was one of the first to add this thoughtful touch, and even the Nissan Versa I rented this week has it. Driving the Lincoln MKS you'd end up with dirty fingers and dusty fingerprints on the trunk lid, something that people who live in Windsor know equals certain secondary inspection at the border.

Would I buy it? Yeah sure, but I'd miss my wife's 7 year old 9-3. The Saab may have retailed for half the price of what this Lincoln sells for, but the drive, the handling and the acceleration blow this brand new Lincoln out of the water even still.

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