Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Library...Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts

I make no secret of it; I think Alan Halberstadt is a hell of a journalist, a hell of writer, and a hell of a bad city councilor (and I like the guy, though I don't blame him if the feeling is not mutual).  Full disclosure - he kicked my ass, figuratively, in the 2003 Municipal election; fair and square, no excuses.

He writes a fantastic blog article about the Windsor Public Library, which to those who haven't been paying attention, appears to express his unreserved support.  For those who were in the room when he said "we'll just get a Private Members Bill to take over this place" when the Board wouldn't capitulate to political influence, his words today are either a conversion come too late, or deceptive.  Read his blog here  - it's really quite good.  It just doesn't jibe with his behaviour in the past.  Read part two here .  Well written, sir (and well played).

This isn't about my arch-nemesis ("To the Batmobile Robin!  We haven't a moment to lose!")  This stuff with the Library has to stop.  Council and the Mayor absolutely HAVE to be "hands-off" when it comes to Library locations, types of books, resources available, hours of operation or any other means of control.

When government controls and influences access to information by any means, we're just one step closer to losing our democracy.  It seems impossible in today's day and age, but is it?

I'm not worried about our current Mayor and Council turning into dictators. Laws have to be in place and strictly observed, both the letter of the law and the spirit of the law, to protect us from the megalomaniacs we haven't elected yet.

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