Monday, 30 May 2011

Trouble in the Local Catholic School Board

There's trouble in the local Catholic School Board, and many will take this opportunity to suggest that the problems begin in the "Catholic" part of that title.  I've have my own concerns regarding that as well, not the least involve statements that are decidedly un-Catholic from some of our Catholic teachers.  I've heard Catholic teachers make statement supportive of same-sex "marriage" and another make statements supportive of couples living together.  Regardless of what is now considered to be mainstream and acceptable in society, it's not what Catholics believe and it is not what teachers in the Catholic system can support, even privately.

It's not my place to judge others, however as a parent in the system and a taxpayer contributing to the system and as a Roman Catholic Deacon, I would like to see at least one change beyond trimming the administrative ranks in the local board.

I believe any teacher and administrator or trustee in the Catholic school system who does not attend Mass on a regular basis should resign her / his position in the Board, and go and find work in the Public Board.  I am not advocating they should be fired, far from it, I believe people should have the courage to admit when they can't support what their employer supports, when they can't fully perform the job they were hired to do.  In the case of the Separate School teacher, that includes teaching the Gospel - always.

Teachers in either Board do not just teach the three R's, they develop young people into responsible adults, they shape character, they mentor and encourage while they teach.  Catholic teachers have the extra responsibility of doing all that in Christ's name. If they don't attend Mass themselves, they can't pass along the Church's teachings because they aren't participating in the Liturgy of the Word, or of the Eucharist.  Don't talk to me about praying in a field or a forest; don't talk to me about being a good person.  Go to Church, participate in the Mass at least weekly or stop pretending.  This isn't just a job you're doing, folks.

We don't need to amalgamate two boards into one to save money, each board is funded per pupil so we'd roughly need the same amount of schools and teachers whether there is one board or two.  To all those who want to see the Catholic Board shut down, I say "be patient."

It's ours to lose, and frankly, we Catholics are presiding over its demise quite nicely without any secular help at all.

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  1. Well said Jeremy. As you know, my concerns with the direction being taken by the WECDSB goes back 20 yrs. While I agree with your strong stand on individuals living their faith, it's important to recognize that our board is structured so as to allow government to determine the nature of our schools rather than parishes. Our own school was closed because the parish and school were working well together. The principal didn't like that the parent council was involved with church. There are structural problems to be dealt with and I've yet to find a trustee with the guts to tackle them.