Friday, 27 May 2011

Why an NDP Opposition is good for Business in Canada

This week marks an historic first - a meeting of Her Majesty's Official Opposition and it isn't either the Liberal or Conservative party.  You might be tempted to suggest that the Bloc Quebecois got there first in 1993, and I'd clarify that I said "Her Majesty's Official Opposition".  The Bloc had no allegiance to Her Majesty, no matter what they raised their hands and swore on a Bible.

Here's why an NDP in official opposition is good for business in Canada:

Jack Layton is a scrapper.  Business people everywhere can relate to that, even if they don't agree with his politics.  He'll engage in real debate, listen, and offer well-considered opinion.  It will be good to have a little integrity on the Hill.

Business needs consumer confidence.  When the average Canadian realized that, even in Canada, change is possible, it inspired us to dream for a better Canada.  Again, you don't have to like the NDP or agree with them to sit up and take notice that maybe, just this once, the future could be different than we were told was a pre-destined eventuality.

Sometimes the little guy gets noticed.  Little guys everywhere rejoice - and go and buy some new duds and a haircut while you're at it.  If you're going to get noticed you might as well look good.

This ain't your fat union NDP.  These guys are lean and hungry, the way labour used to be, they won't be pushed around by beer-bellied bellicose single issue unionists.  Labour will have a greater voice on the Hill, and it won't have to yell and drop f-bombs in the process.  Respect for the worker is good for business. 

Respect for all people is good for Canada.

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