Sunday, 13 May 2012

Goodbye Saab

Months later I can finally write about it.

From the first time I ever drove a Saab and announced to my boss that I would be the top Saab salesperson in my town (and was, for awhile), to buying my dream Saab second-hand, to buying my wife a Saab I have considered it to be the finest automobile ever built (for a guy of my social status).

But by the time I drove to Toronto to trade in the 9-3, I was ready to wake up.  As my local Saab dealership said as they disavowed all knowledge of having ever sold me the car, "you're on your own now."  The dream, while nice, was over.  Life goes on.  It was a machine.  A very cool machine.  The machine of a dream. 
  • A very safe machine, one of the safest cars ever designed
  • A beautiful machine, one of the most stylish vehicles I've ever owned
  • A functional machine, with seats down one of the largest cargo spaces in it's class
  • A well built machine, with not a squeak or a rattle 9 years after first rolling off the line
  • A quirky machine, with strange and different design that made perfect sense...I can't explain it.
  • A bit of a status symbol, I admit.  Not everyone "gets" Saab.  I will having miss the nameplate in my driveway and on my key chain.

And so I bid adieu and move on.  We shall speak of it no more.  Watch my goodbye video here:  

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