Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Will you....?

Imagine the scene:  A young man plans it all carefully.  He works with stadium and team management so at the seventh inning stretch they will spring into action.  The jumbotron will say it all - "Buffy, I love you!"  A picture of the two of them is framed by a heart of rose petals...

The big moment comes.  The balloons fly, the jumbtron screams the message, and the picture fades to a live shot of the two of them, the crowd cheers and then waits for the moment...and waits.

And he does nothing.  He just stands there waiting to slip a ring on the finger of his truly beloved if she would just take the hint.  He wants to marry her, dammit!  Isn't it obvious?

Sometimes that's how we sell.  Flyers, client events, email "dailies" and newsletters.  Lunches and drinks.  Good times at conferences.  Sponsorships.  Bar tabs.  Table partners at monthly chapter lunches.  Opening receptions and hospitality suites.  Coffee, coffee and more coffee at Starbucks.  Messages on Jumbotrons.

All great fun, but if we don't ask for the business, someone else eventually will.  A girl can only wait so long.

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