Wednesday, 6 June 2012


My son recently got rid of a few shirts that no longer fit him - they're still the right size, they no longer fit his style.  I snagged a nice one.  It's not the first time this has happened.  His older brother has handed "up" (as opposed to the classic hand-me-down) the odd t-shirt in my direction.

I'd like to see a bit more of this go on in business.  Here are some hand-me-ups I'd like to receive from the junior ranks.
  • The ability to find relevant and fun apps on my smart phone for a more productive work use available technology to its fullest
  • Like you, to leave my work at work, and make my personal time truly my personal time.  I'd want to go home confident in having done all I could do for one day, whenever that ends or begins. 
  • To have been in my thirties and look at my peers as co-workers, not as competitors for the next promotion
Here are some hand-me-ups I hope I'm giving to my superiors.
  • That you look good because your team performs
  • That you have as much knowledge as you need, confident that I've got your back and can fill in the blanks when you need me to
  • That you can sleep through the night knowing that, if it's possible, I actually care about this business more than you do, albeit in a different way
And mostly, I'd like to give to my organisation a legacy of well trained up-and-comers who are thorough, enthusiastic, disciplined, upstanding and ready to take this farther than any of us think they can.

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