Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The "I" in TEAM

"There is no 'I' in TEAM!" enthused the uninspiring, and unoriginal cheerleader boss.  My fellow rookie Jeff leaned over and whispered, "but there is an 'M' and an 'E' and that spells 'ME'!"

He was right.

This overused "team" motivational quote, once meant to create community can be a wet blanket to the ambitious.  It's often said to humble peak performers and to avoid rocking a boat crewed by the average.  It's wrong.  It's OK to be number one and proud of it, and every member of a high performing team wants to be.

Here's where you can find the "I" in a championship team.

  • "I want to be the best"
  • "I've got your back"
  • "I don't want to come in second"
  • "I'm proud of you, I'm happy to be your team mate"
  • "I worked my butt off, and I'm going to celebrate a hard fought win"
  • "I screwed up; I'm sorry"

And while we're listing vowels, you can also find a "U" in "TEAM".
  • "You need to pull up your socks.  You are letting us down."
  • "You really pulled that one off...thanks!"
  • "You are the best on this team, and we rely on you"
  • "You can count on me"
  • "You can do better"

"I" and the "U" together are the real team letters.  "Can I help you?" 

But a team is truly successful when we can humbly, and with trust ask of each other, "Will you help me?"

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