Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Stomped, Beat Up and Whooped

I'm not complaining, but there are times when a sales guy just feels a little stomped, beat up and whooped.  That's the title of a tune from the funky 70s, and it's not country and western, but super-funk R&B from Graham Central Station.

You see sales people experiencing that sort of rejection from time to time.  The best go and walk it off, feel bad about the loss, talk themelves through it, do a post-mortem and ask themselves what they could have done differently, and then get right back at it.

I pro I know taught me to keep track of all my telephone rejections.  "When you get to 20, go buy yourself a coffee and celebrate!"  It's backwards thinking, but it works.  When I'm at 18 rejections and I feel I can't make even one more call, knowing there's a Starbucks coffee in the near future keeps me going.

And there ain't nothing like a good cup of coffee to lift you up when you're feeling whooped!

Listen to Graham Central Station here, and check out that funky album cover!

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