Friday, 29 April 2011

The Benefits of Standing UP for Yourself

The Benefits of Standing Up!  (This isn't about activism.)

It isn't about the dangers to our health of sitting down for hours at a desk at work, or in front of a TV at home.  Read these related articles for all the health reasons why my makeshift stand-up desk in my humble cubicle at work is good for me, but read on to learn the truth of why I did it.

Wrinkles.  I hate those wrinkles in the back of my suit pants that are caused by sitting all day.  I hate those wrinkles in the waist and crotch area of my pants from sitting all day.  I have a pants-press at home where I hang my pants and press them fresh daily, thus getting at least one or two wearings more before they hit the dry cleaners.  I'm guessing I save probably 4 to 6 cleanings a year per suit this way, and save replacing at least one suit a year by cutting down on the wear and tear.  (I just wrote the word "pants" 5 times in one paragraph.)

If it firms my abs or speeds up my metabolism, strengthens my glutes or tones my calves, well...bonus.  If I save somehting like $600 a year in wardrobe maintenance and replacement costs, even better. 

Next time - why listening to rock music on my headphones all day every day at work is good for me. 


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