Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Prayer - There, I Said It

One day, like ever other day, the boss arrived at the office and answered the morning greeting from his assistant with his usual "never better, how are you?" If he wasn't "never better", then he was "excellent" or "outstanding" that day, and every day. I suppose it got a bit annoying for his team to hear day after predictable day, though each day he offered it as if it was a brand new thought to the man. He always asked in return, and had never received any better than a "not bad" in response.

So one brave soul got up the courage to address the issue. "You're always on!" she accused. "Nothing ever brings you down. Every day it's the same bright attitude when you come in. Do you read inspirational sayings every day?" she challenged, and the team leaned forward to hear the answer.

"Do you mean like new-age motivational stuff, quote-a-day stuff, a calendar page of inspiration-a-day stuff?" the boss answered. He almost called it crap, because that's what he thought of it, but he knew that some of the team believed quite strongly in it.

"Yeah, that's it - that self-motivational stuff - you must read it every morning when you wake up," teased his team mate.

"No," said the man, and that was the end of the discussion. "None of that really appeals to me."

The truth he'd tell them, if they wanted to hear it, is that he begins and ends every day in prayer.

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