Monday, 11 April 2011

It Really was the Best Buy

On Saturday in Windsor it was left to me to do a little big box shopping, perhaps my least favourite activity.  I had to stop by the big American home improvement chain for some lumber to repair the fence.  I prepared for the worst.

Loews was my first stop.  I arrived, parked, found the lumber section after a quick scan of the bbq / patio / outdoor seasonal stuff for some grass seed, I asked a Loews dude for help.  He took me right to exactly what I was looking for, sold me on why it was a great buy, and answered all my questions.  I was back out the door in probably less than 15 minutes, and it wasn't a bad experience as I expected it would be. It was actually a good experience.

On my way home I spotted Best Buy, remembered I needed a disc drive for my netbook, and stopped in.  I went into the computer section, in full asshole mode, and steeled myself for some very bad service.  I even set my watch to time how long it would take for anyone to notice I was there (hey, I said I was in FULL asshole mode).  Fourteen seconds later Mark showed up and asked if I needed help.  Fourteen seconds; I'm not kidding!

He called a guy named Scott over to help, who answered my questions, helped me good naturedly in spite of my lack of knowledge, directed me to the best buy (no pun intended), and I purchased it and went on my way.  My shopping excursion was so short that they didn't even have time to raise the gas prices in between going out and coming back.

Thanks, great service from both stores, nice to write about a service issue and actually name the company in a compliment!

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